Are you a Financial Pro-Actor or Re-Actor?

Over the years of working with our clients we have found that there are two type of individuals that we call pro-actors and re-actors. Let’s take a look at each and see what specific needs each profile has.


A re-actor tends to only take action when absolutely necessary. They have a tendency to chase the deal of the day in financial markets and bail out when the news turns bad. They always mean to purchase the life insurance policy to protect their family but never seem to get around to it.  They never really address the issues of retirement and death because they just seem so far off. Every event seems to end up as a fire drill to try and cover the cost of a vacation, marriage, birth, or sickness. A re-actor always seems to be trying to catch up with their life.


A pro-actor is vigilant in preparing for the future. They religiously put money away for retirement. They make sure they are covered by proper insurance and try to make the right investments to keep their money safe.

Our ability to work with the re-actor is obvious. We can assist them in creating a disciplined investment schedule and work with them to structure a safety net that may help protect them from unforeseen events that threaten their assets.

We also work with pro-actors. With all the things you have to deal with in life it becomes obvious that you need assistance to manage important things like your financial future. With the birth of each child and all the activities that demand your time as they grow your financial strategy seems to slip to the background. We work with you to bring your financial strategy back to the forefront which keeps you focused on maintaining and updating your plan to achieve your goals.

It does not matter what kind of actor you are we can work with you. Click here to take control of your financial future.